Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really FREE? Why is this amazing opportunity FREE?

YES IT IS!  And there's a few reasons.  When the idea for "3 Plays in 30 Days" came to be, the vision was that it would be about creating community and opportunities for ALL young people.  We wanted to make sure that any and all youth had the exact same opportunity to qualify.  Most importantly though, it is one thing to want to offer a free program but it would be entirely impossible to actually offer it without the funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  We are so grateful that they made this dream a reality!

I'm a young person.  This project looks so cool.  I don't have a lot of theatre experience.  Can I still apply?

Please do!  This project is open to any and all youth.  Just fill out an application.  If you're young and creative we want to hear from you!

I want to take part but I'm so busy.  I work in the Summer.  So I shouldn't apply right?

WRONG!  We ask for your availability on the application so we can work around your schedule.  We know you're busy, we know you work and we also know you're awesome and deserve this.  If we want to work with you, we'll make it work!